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Guardian Homes

Because there are certain lines we want in our breeding program, but not the space on our laps for them, some of our dogs live in "guardian" homes where they get all love and lap space they so deserve. We retain the breeding rights, and their family gets a wonderful Havanese to care for and cherish in their forever home. The girls usually have between 3-4 liters at my home, but otherwise live with their guardian family, who provide food, routine vet care, training and of course love. ️ Once they are no longer in my breeding program, the family gets her spayed and she is theirs forever. Males have a slightly different arrangement due to the fact that they just need to be accessible for siring litters, several times a year until I no longer wish to use him. If you are interested in providing a guardian home, live within easy driving distance from Onalaska, WI. and are willing to bring the dog to me or meet me half way, please contact me at Tell me about yourself and home situation and we can go from there if it seems like a good fit! Janet